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To Newark Northern Lawn Green Bowls Club.

I feel that we have created a young and dynamic club with the

correct mix of youth and experience. Our past and present

county players have nurtured our youth to produce national

prize winners and county champions on many occasions.

We are always open to those who wish to spectate or even

approach us for membership if its available, so for members

and guests, please enjoy our website and I look forward to

your company in the future.


                                                                Club president


  Club History  


The club was first formed in 1926 behind a pub in Appletongate called The Northern,

(Originally The Railway Inn) ,on its inauguration it attracted many of Newark’s elite bowlers

who in later years went on to achieve many bowling accolades.


Unfortunately in 1990 the owners (the brewery) decided to sell the premises and this included the bowling green. The club then negotiated a new lease with the builder of the then new Newark indoor bowls centre who had built a new outdoor green to attract the summer bowlers. This lease was at a rather heavy cost  of £600 per year and due to rent increases in the following couple of years, It was decided to look for other premises 


After many meetings with the local council with regard to the poor standard of the local bowling greens, we at Newark Northern came up with a lease that was beneficial to all bowlers. We would take over not only Sherwood Avenue Park Green but also the London Road green as well.

Sherwood Avenue required a lot of attention as it basically only had four full rinks and two short ones with rounded off corners, ( this used to be a crown green ). A program was then set up with our green keeper who would oversee all of the work  to obtain a green we could be proud of. We like to think that all the bowlers who now play on and visit us in the appropriate fixtures, appreciate what we have managed to achieve.


 In 2006 with the aid of a grant, obtained again with help of local district council, a new pavilion was erected and was opened officially on our Presidents Day by the then chairman of Newark & Sherwood District Council Mr. Richard Alexander.


 Today due to all the work and effort we now have a green we are truly proud off and is hopefully appreciated  by all bowlers who use these facilities.


  To all bowlers reading this web site come and see what can be achieved for yourselves. 




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